Pair Programming & TDD Workshop

PhillyXP • October 27, 2017 • Radnor, PA

Thanks for attending the inaugural meeting of the PhillyXP user group. For our first meeting I hosted a talk and workshop about Pair Programming and Test-Driven Development.

You can view and download the slides from the talk here on speakerdeck.

Here is John Cutler’s article 12 Signs You Are Working in a Feature Factory that I referenced during the talk.

The code repository used for the workshop can be cloned from github.

I referenced this study by Alistair Cockburn and Laurie Williams, The Costs and Benefits of Pair Programming. I also mentioned my blog post about Ping Pong Pair Programming.

Since this talk I’ve written in detail about pair programming. Check out the following articles, Misconceptions of Pair Programming and The Benefits of Pair Programming.