Code Kata Websites

05 May 2022 . code craft . Comments #code kata


I frequently practice code katas with the development teams I coach and train. I’ve pulled this list of code kata websites out of my notes a few times in the past month, so I decided to publish this information as a listicle (list article). I’ve found code katas to be an important practice to help build new skills and establish habits. Practices like Test-Driven Development, refactoring, automated refactoring techniques, and microtesting can all be improved by practicing code katas. Now on to the list.

Code Kata Resources

Code Kata Screencasts

I’ve recently done a few code kata screencasts. You can find those screencasts here on my blog.

If you have other great code kata resources, feel free share them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Photo credit: Christopher Gower on Unsplash