The Better Code Book

10 Mar 2016 . development tools . Comments #code quality #static code analysis

This past summer I wrote an article about the importance of static code analysis. While I was writing the article I reached out to Patrick Smacchia and the folks at NDepend. A few months later they approached me about including the article in an e-book.

I find NDepend an invaluable tool to help organizations increase their code quality and help developers improve themselves. NDepend is a powerful tool that can help make good teams great. As someone who is passionate about improving my own software development skills as well as helping others improve theirs, I was more than willing to participate in this project.

The book contains articles from several fantastic writers including Bjørn Einar Bjartnes, Erik Dietrich, Jack Robinson, Prasad Narravula, and Tomasz Jaskula. I am especially honored to be included with Erik Dietrich whose blog I’ve read for years. In fact, he was one of the inspirations for me to start writing about software development.

Patrick at NDepend cares deeply about developers improving their software development skills and the industry in general improving the quality of the software it produces. It is an honor to be recognized by him and his team. When you have a moment, download and read the free e-book. It will be well worth your time: The Better Code Book - Our MVPs of 2015