## About I am a software engineer, software development / technical agile coach, and trainer at [Industrial Logic](https://www.industriallogic.com). I am a founding member of and organizer for [PhillyXP](https://www.meetup.com/phillyxp). I'm a [blogger](/blog), and [speaker](/talks/) with 23+ years of experience building and delivering high-quality software and helping others do it. I have specific expertise in: * Leading and coaching software teams * Coaching Software Engineering leaders * Helping organizations structure their teams around value delivery * Mentoring developers * Improving development processes and practices for cross-functional development teams * Agile / Extreme Programming (XP) practices * Clean Architecture * Test-Driven Development (TDD) * Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) * Microtesting / Unit Testing * Collaborative Development Practices (Pair & Mob Programming) * CI/CD * Legacy code rescue * Agile training creation and delivery My passion is helping software organizations and their teams create better outcomes for their customers, improve the quality of their code, and help make work a joyful experience. A listing of my talks [can be found here](/talks/).
I graduated from [Drexel University](http://www.drexel.edu) with a degree in Computer Science. You can learn [more about me here](/more-about-me.html).